Department of
Software Engineering
for Power Industry



Educational program:

  • Software engineering of intelligent cyber-physical systems in energy
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    Our advantages

    Young teachers working in modern companies

    Among our employees are Samsung programmers, banking system developers, Java developers, full-stack programmers, web developers and web designers, computer game developers and authors of their own software products.

    from the first year

    Our students learn to program from the first year and throughout the study. Different programming languages are used. The curriculum is not overloaded with mathematics and hardware. The emphasis is on applied programming.

    design bureau

    There, already from the second year, you have the opportunity, independently or in cooperation with your classmates, teachers or colleagues of senior years, to participate in the implementation of your ideas in concrete developments, to learn to work independently and in a team.

    Educational and scientific

    The presence of educational and scientific laboratories that have a powerful material base, supporting the educational process in the direction of organizing laboratory work on specific tasks, and carrying out specific projects on the development of software systems, which you can join.

    The founders of the department are practitioners, not just theorists

    The founders of the department were programmed control system of the Buran spacecraft (analogous to the American Shuttle).

    employment in IT

    Beginning from the 3rd-4th year, most of our students combine study with work in specialty.

    Our students work in international companies